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Find a Narrator

First determine what kind of narration your book needs. Multicast, dual, duet, or solo?



Solo - One narrator reading the whole book.

Dual - Two narrators reading chapters, usually from a main character’s point of view. 

Duet - Two narrators who read all their character’s dialogue regardless of chapter or POV throughout the entirety of the book.

Multicast - A full cast of narrators, each voicing a different character. Music, sound effects, and other audio editing are often used.

Choose an audition piece from your book. 


Your audition piece should be an excerpt from your book that features your main character(s), and is 1-3 pages long. If the scene does not give the needed context you can provide it in a message to the narrator. This would include the basic facts of who the characters are, where they are, what they are doing, and any needed accents. 

Remember it's OK to pull from more than one scene, and it doesn't need to be from the first few pages of the book. 

Find narrators to request an audition from.


A few good places to look for narrators are:

  • AudioFile listings

  • ACX samples and profiles Social Media

  • Other author’s recommendations

  • Searching Audible within your book’s genre

  • Audiobook awards such as Earphones Awards and Audie Awards

But what do I look for in a narrator? 

Professionalism: Their profiles, website, and social media all convey respect for themselves and their work, are clear, edited, and updated. 

Great samples: Studio-quality audio with professional-level storytelling. Bonus points if they have samples you love in the genre you write in. 

A good fit for your main character: Does this narrator share a gender identity, ethnic background, culture, passion, vocation, or personality with your main character?

narrator clipart.png
narrator clipart.png

Evaluate the auditions and choose a narrator.


Sign a contract

Send your narrator the final manuscript

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